Mosaic mimic system

The Mosaic Mimic System was the first process control system and it is still used in redundancy configuration with the most modern supervision system or stand alone for the control of simple processes and emergencies. The bigest advantage of this technology is the ease of future modification: devices may be added or removed to the demands of the user, with the mosaic always maintaining a high quality appearance. Other Benefits are:

  • Anti-static structure
  • Non-reflective surface
  • Non-flammable/self extinguishing materila
  • Halogen free olastic

Console desks

We make control desks and  work stations. We offer solutions “on demand” and we collaborate with the best companies to guarantee ergonomic standards and full compliance with the health and safety regulations.

Automation cabinets

We project and realize automation panels with any type of PLC, DCS, SCADA and RTU.

We choose components of the best brands and we use the most modern wiring and marking techniques We test each cabinets according to regulations 61439-1 and 2

LV Switchboards

We manufacture line, generator and bus tie protection panels under contract for third parties. We provide support for panel design and engineering review. Finally, we take care of the tests according to the 61439-1 and 2 regulations.

Structured cabling

For our customers we take over the entire production of server cabinets. According to the customer’s requirements, we:

  • Choose the power distribution units,
  • Install the devices
  • Connect the equipments  to the power distribution units
  • Take care of cabling of copper cables and optical fibers
  • Realize electrical schemes (cabinet layout, material lists, wiring diagrams and system architecture)


The term prototype refers to the first example of a product that must be developed and that allows you to carry out all the necessary tests before it is released into production. Its construction therefore constitutes a fundamental phase of the development process. Our contribution is to support the customer in the development of his idea by suggesting solutions to make his know-out practical and real.


We have a mechanical workshop and we are able to: 

  • Make machining “on demand” on plastic and aluminum sheet
  • Realize accessories for the installation of any device 
  • Produce  prototype electrical equipment cases
  • Engrave labels of each materials

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